About Us

Jeff Christensen, the owner of Red Roof Rentals.

JeffChristensenI was born and raised right here in Tacoma and I love living here. I am the father of 5, all have flown the nest now except for one still at home. I worked towards a Masters in Chemistry in college a long time ago but changed course in 1976 when I got my Real Estate Broker’s License. I’ve been in the Real Estate business here in Pierce County ever since.

I have experience in virtually all facets of real estate, ranging from residential sales and subdivision development to historic rehabs and property management. However, I am now focusing only on property management. I love what I do and I think it shows!

I am a wise and fair businessman who cares about people. I balance concern for others with what my rental owners have hired me to do… take good care of their rental properties and collect the rents! I’m always fair, firm when I need to be and I try to listen carefully to people to better meet their needs.

It is my goal to give our customers the same service and treatment that I would want. Know this – if I wouldn’t want it done to me, I will not do it to you… It’s just that simple!

I ”do” management the way I think it should be done… good service for an attractive price! That is why Red Roof Rentals is so successful as a “Flat Rate” company. Big house or small, the management fee should always be affordable… as little as $95/month for many homes.

Why not let my 40 years of real estate management experience go to work for you today!