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I have rented from Red Roof for over 2 years now and I am happy. I have always tried my best to be a good tenant. They have also been great landlords, honest and capable of answering questions or fixing things if I needed help with anything.

Sooooo 1 day before my rent was due and 5 days before my 42 birthday my bank accounts were hacked and I was cleaned out! Yep every penny gone! I was in shock that it happened to me. Luckily I caught it relatively quickly and my bank is going to supposedly get my money back?

What happened next made me cry like a newborn!

Along with a couple other places I had to send Jeff an email telling him I was sorry and explaining what happened. I told him I was going to be a few days late with rent due to me having to liquidate some stuff!

His reply was unexpected to say the least! This is what he said: "Do you need any help? Are you ok?"

Then his wife sends a message the next morning again to check on me making sure I was alright!

I did not expect anyone to care about my situation! Not to mention my landlord! I'm serious!!! Out of every business or person I shared this with, they were the only ones to even reply.

They didn't reply to find out when I was paying either. They messaged me because they cared about how I was holding up! Their messages literally held me together. No gift I received on my birthday came close to the feeling I had when I read that first email from Jeff! These people are better humans than they are Managers! That is saying a lot because I don't know if there exists a better property management group on this planet or any other!


Thank you so much for the response. I appreciate your honesty and openness with the damage caused to the property. I have no issues with the repair you have completed and I appreciate your diligence in cleaning up the house and taking care of the new renter's complaints. I'm angry that you had to pay out of pocket for the damage that was done. Once again, you have proven yourselves worth your weight in gold on the house. I rest easier knowing you and your team are In charge of my property.


We had red roof manage our rental property for over a year. You often hear about all the good things that happen with a great property management company but not often enough about the bad things and how professionally it was handled. Red roof screens there applicants, pulls credit, even calls there past land lords to see what kind of tenant they used to be. It's a very thorough process in hopes of getting a great tenant for there owners! We thought everything was well our tenants lived there over a year until one day they didn't pay which ultimately resulted in eviction. I Walked into my home and it was in shambles after they vacated. I removed 900 pounds of trash, cabinets broken, writing all over the walls, complete filth. We kept there deposit but that still wasn't enough. This was a such an emotional time for our family. Red roof had estimated about $2200 in additional damage charges that they gave to the tenant letting them know they still owed me. Little did I know they kept in contact with the tenant over the next year and the tenant dropped off a check for $2200 for all the damage they caused to the property! I'm still in disbelief when I got that phone call from jeff. Red roof rentals truly cares about all of there clients and goes ABOVE AND BEYOND!
Thank you so much Jeff!

Kayla & Cyle LaRance

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for the many ways you have made renting our home a reality… We are very grateful. We appreciate the expertise of you and your staff in finding a family to settle into our house. All in all, Red Roof Rental receives an A+ in our experience and we are happy to refer others to you.

Monica and David Ramsey

We are renting from RED ROOF RENTALS and have been in the house for a little over two months now. All of the folks there have been great from the start. Jeff showed the house, he is great to work with. They are fair, the approval process was quick and so was the move-in walk through. There were a couple repairs that were needed within the first 2 weeks and they responded in a good timely manner. We highly recommend RED ROOF RENTALS for your rental/management company.

Matt & Lisa

We were a relocation from out of state. We worked to find a home in Tacoma and Jeff was very helpful to us. His associate Daniela was beyond reproach. Bob was involved, too. They all worked so hard to help us and though, we were not successful in finding a property with them, they were professional in every way -- helping us even though there was not a return on their investment. They are a responsive company and will remain some of our first friends we met in the Great Northwest. Best to them.

Debbie S.
Owner, Age Speaks

I am very thankful for Jeff Christensen and the folks at Red Roof Rentals; they have been absolutely excellent in renting/managing our properties. When advertising and renting our homes, Jeff went far above what I would normally expect to secure excellent renters. He and his staff do a thorough background check on prospective renters which resulted in them putting very high quality long term renters in my properties. He and his staff have also been very helpful in making sure that the entire process went smoothly not only for us, but for the renters also. I would give Jeff Christensen and Red Roof Rentals my highest recommendation.
Thank you very much for everything you have done for us!

Bret S.

I was very impressed with you when you called regarding that interested tenant who had the large work truck, even taking a picture on your cell and then sending him to our home to show us the truck. Lester had good things to say about you, and Chris was happy with you so why not refer you if someone needs a property management company.

C. T-S
HOA President

It has truly been a privilege to rent your property for the time we spent in Washington, especially with such a short notice as we were in dire need to find a place and Red Roof Realty delivered above and beyond our expectations. If we ever happen to come back to the West Coast, in particular the State of Washington, we will look to Red Roof as our first option to meet our needs whether renting or purchasing a property.
Thanks again for serving our needs.


We have used Red Roof Property Management for about 1 year. Your office was able to find a renter in less than a week from our initial request. The renters were a very good match for our house and we feel comfortable with them living there. We appreciate the communication that you have and with the renters and us to make sure that everything is handled efficiently and quickly for everyone. The fee charged is very reasonable for the peace of mind knowing that your office is taking care of managing the rental agreement. The fact that your services include the credit check, and also being the main point of contact for any issues with the house is helpful to us and takes that stress away.
We will continue to use your office for property management needs and also would recommend your services to others.


I have been pleased with Red Roof managing my rental. They were very accommodating about some items I wanted included in the Rental Agreement and have handled any needed repairs at a very reasonable hourly rate. They also took the effort to look for a used furnace and were able to save me considerable cost. I could certainly recommend their service.

Gary H.

I just wanted to take time out to thank you for the wonderful job your realty service performed to get my house rented in Spanaway. Jeff and his loyal assistant made sure I was aware of all transactions and found a great couple to rent my house. They were very upfront and very speedy when it came to finding a good renter for my property. They made all the paperwork simple and self explanatory. I appreciate Jeff and his staff going beyond the call of duty. The whole staff was very friendly and always one step ahead. I was amazed at how quick they found quality renters and their maintenance staff deserves a Grade A rating. I would highly recommend Red Roof Rentals to any property owner or renter. They showed they really care for all their clients and they are the best I have come across in the Tacoma/Spanaway area. I want to personally thank Jeff for his strong effort to assist me with finding quality people for my quality property. Once again, thanks Red Roof.

Corey A.

I have had Jeff Christensen and Red Roof Realty managing my properties since 2010, and have been extremely pleased with the results. Yes, his management fees are the lowest, but I can tell you from experience, I have not in any way sacrificed quality. He is experienced, pays attention to the details, gets me qualified tenants, and is a bulldog when it comes to protecting my interests.
Even though he looks out for me, he is fantastic when it comes to taking care of tenants. He appreciates the fact that we will both make more money by having happy tenants who want to stay in the home. He answers their concerns and insures repairs are done quickly, and for a fair price. I like that.

Sam S.

When we decided to rent, a lot of other property management companies just would not “step out of the box” and were not interested in our needs. When we came to Red Roof Realty, you were understanding of our situation and needs and matched us up with our home.
We would definitely recommend Red Roof Realty to anyone.

Diane and Mike M.

By using Red Roof it takes the worry out of owning rentals. When I do have a vacancy, they work hard to fill it in a timely manner. I recommend them all the time.

Brad H. - Realtor®

Usually when you go look at property, it turns out to be a dump.
This is not true for Red Roof Realty. The property was clean and in good shape. It was the house we were looking for. Not only do they have good properties but an excellent staff. Usually when you report a repair, it takes 3-4 days but not with Red Roof Realty. It was taken care of within 24 hours of notifying them.
Red Roof Realty is a rental company which takes pride in properties managed and insures the tenants are happy. I have never had landlords so great.

Denise and Marcus H.

Due to the nature of my work, I have moved eight times in the past ten years all over the country. So I have lived in many rental properties. My experience with Red Roof Realty, who will later become "Jeff and Bob" to you, has been one of my most pleasurable rental experiences yet. Red Roof Realty takes all of the pressures and stresses of home searching and turns it into a smooth, streamlined experience. They are responsive and they care about your satisfaction. I definitely recommend allowing Red Roof Realty to help you find your next home.

Patrick A.

Before my husband and I used the Red Roof Rental services, we rented our house to a bad tenant who failed to pay the rent. We were referred to the property manager, Jeff Christensen, who then took over the situation. He updated us with every contact or every move he made with the tenant. Unfortunately, we have to evict the tenant. The whole process of eviction was guided through Jeff’s help. The legal charge of eviction was affordable. The timing of eviction was reasonable. We enjoyed the peace of mind Jeff provided. Jeff sure earned our business and our trust. He has been our property manager for almost 3 years.