Owners Information

Our 40 years of experience have prepared us very well for effectively screening potential tenants, the primary key to effective property management. We have learned many lessons from the past and we seldom getfooled anymore! Good management is just as much managing the renter as it is managing the property, and we excel at both!

Pay us nothing up front! Any advertising costs are OUR problem, and we don’t get paid anything until we have done our job. We save you money!

You Can’t Lose Program

We have a program for property owners called “You Can’t Lose”. We at Red Roof Rentals are committed to being RESPONSIBLE and SAVING YOU MONEY and we are willing to share the burden with you a bit when tenant problems arise. When a tenant moves out and the cost to restore the property exceeds the deposit, then we will pay up to $250 of any repair/cleaning/utility costs that EXCEED the tenant’s Security Deposit. Read more about our “YOU CAN’T LOSE” program.

An overview of our rent collection process

1st day of the month Rent is due.
2nd - 5th day Grace period -for paying without a late fee.
6th day $95 late fee - attached to unpaid rents. We are usually very busy processing rent payments on this day as many renters have paid at the last moment, during the evening and through the night of the 5th.
7th - 8th day 14 DAY PAY OR VACATE - notices issued to unpaid renters. With this notice begins the “ticking of the eviction clock.” We try to contact all delinquent payers for an explanation and, more importantly, their plan for payment. Owner is notified.
21st - 22nd day Response days - when we typically hear back from worried renters with their “plan to pay”. NOTE – Regardless of when they say they might pay, we still stand by our 3 DAY PAY OR VACATE notices and proceed to the next step toward eviction until they have PAID IN FULL.
22nd day Owner is notified - if the tenant has still failed to pay. This is when we will call/email unpaid owners with a status report on the situation. Owners need do nothing - we are on top of it!

We do not accept the following

  • Properties behind in payments, in default or in foreclosure.
  • Properties that will be offered for sale in the first 12 months of our management contract.
  • Distressed homes needing major repairs.

Service Areas

We work with rental and property owners all throughout the Pierce County area including Tacoma, University Place, Lakewood, Spanaway, Graham, Puyallup, Fircrest, Parkland and Roy.

Ready to Rent Condition

When we accept a new residential property for management we expect it to be in "READY TO RENT" condition.

1. We need the home to be "HOTEL ROOM" CLEAN

This should be self-explanatory based on the common expectations we all have when we stay in a hotel.

  • No Mold.
  • No Odors.
  • No Trash.


This means hiring a professional licensed carpet cleaner to do the job, using a hot water extraction method. NOTE- Renting the "Rug Doctor" and doing it yourself doesn't count.


Paint that could be described as barely good enough is not acceptable.


As required by law and working.



  • All stove elements
  • All light fixtures & bulbs
  • Ice maker
  • Furnace and any other heaters
  • Bath exhaust fans



  • Garden hoses