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Red Roof Rentals is a small, locally-owned property management company serving Tacoma, Lakewood, University Place, Spanaway, Graham, Puyallup and all of Pierce County East of Puget Sound. We focus on managing single-family homes. Over 35 years of experience in real estate property management and sales allows us to serve our clients very well.

Our philosophy is to run a low profile and low overhead office which allows us to charge a Flat-Rate Management Fee of as little as $95! Screening tenants is one of the keys to successful management, and we excel at it. We have had just about every trick in the book pulled on us in the past, so we seldom get fooled anymore! No one bats 1,000, and if we make an error we step up to the plate and take responsibility for it.

We treat owners and renters the same way we would want to be treated… fairly, firmly and with respect.

For renters we clearly explain our expectations up front so that they know and understand what it is that we want from them.

For our owners we always try to maximize their rental income and control their expenses.

Did you know?...

We can help with ALL your real estate needs! Want to buy or sell a home? Need help with property management? WE CAN HELP! If we can't do it we'll refer you to someone we trust who can.

Call us and find out how you can get the best service for the best price. Bob and I each have over 35 years experience in real estate right here in Pierce County. Why not let our experience go to work for you today. Got questions? CALL US ... we answer your real estate questions for free.

We work with property owners all throughout the Pierce County area including Tacoma, University Place, Lakewood, Spanaway, Graham, Puyallup, Fircrest, Parkland and Roy.

Make Red Roof Rentals your ONE STOP for all your real estate needs.

Let our experience go to work for you today!

Jeff Christiansen
Jeff Speaks!
The Red Roof Rentals Blog


024Hi, my name is Jeff Christensen and I am the founder of Red Roof Rentals, LLC, Pierce County’s original FLAT RATE property management company. Not to brag, but I have owned a few rentals during my 40 years in the real estate business, and as a result I have had a lot of first hand experiences with renters and rentals … some good and … well, some not so good!

The way I came up with the Red Roof management plan was by asking myself this question: 

“What would I want if I had someone manage all of my own rental properties?”

The answer came to me quickly:

(Isn’t that what we all look for?)

And so Red Roof Rentals was born in 2009. Since then we have grown steadily, increasing the number of properties managed by 30% in 2014 alone. Apparently we are doing something right … giving the “customer” what he or she wants!

Rent Red Roof Rentals The Other Guys4 $’s saved!
Level 1 Management1
$995/ mo. $1,540/ yr. $1,892/ yr. $352/ yr.
1,095 2,052 512
1,195 2,212 672
1,295 2,372 832
1,395 2,532 992
1,495 2,692 1,152
Level 2 Management2
1,595 $2,180 $2,852 $672
1,695 3,012 832
1,795 3,172 992
1,895 3,332 1,152
1,995 3,492 1,312
2,095 3,652 1,472
2,195 3,812 1,632
2,295 3,972 1,792
2,395 4,132 1,952
2,495 4,292 2,112
Level 3 Management3
2,595 $3,140 $4,452 $1,312
2,695 4,612 1,472
2,795 4,772 1,632
2,895 4,932 1,792
2,995 5,092 1,952

Red Roof Flat Rate Fees:
(1) – $495 Start-Up Fee + $95/ mo. management fee.
(2) – $695 + $135/ mo.
(3) – $995 + $ 195/ mo.
“Others” Percentage Fees:
(4) – Start-Up Fee (50% first month’s rent) + monthly management fee (10% of rent) + $300 advertising fee.

Want to hire someone else? Go right ahead! But here at Red Roof, we “walk our talk”, and as you can see from the chart above, WE SAVE YOU MONEY and we can prove it!


Not Experienced in Property ManagementShould you let someone who doesn’t own a rental property manage for you?

It’s unfortunate but it happens all the time … rental property owners suffer at the hands of inexperienced property managers. It can be COSTLY and totally FRUSTRATING when you have trusted management of your rental to a “professional” who turns out to be not so much so.

There is no replacement for FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE in any field, especially in the world of property management. A manager who has no hands-on personal experience with owning a rental is unable to fully understand a property owner’s worries and concerns. Classes and seminars can teach the basics of property management but little about how to handle difficult tenants, get repairs done inexpensively or how to get a non-paying tenant out without going to court. Experience teaches these things.

What would it feel like if someone trashed your rental property? A manager who has owned rentals for any length of time will unfortunately know exactly what it feels like (TERRIBLE!) and so will work overtime to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you!

The staff at Red Roof Rentals has owned rental properties in Pierce County for many years, so we know FIRST HAND the way it should be done. When you considering someone to manage their properties, ask the property manager the most question of all:



002Renters are a lower class of people that don’t care much about their homes, right?


Renters are like owners … just like you and me. In fact, many renters used to be owners who lost their homes in “The Great Recession of 2008″ that we just went through.

So what do they want? Or, better said, WHAT DO RENTERS EXPECT?

  1. A CLEAN HOUSE – Sticky counters, bread crumbs in kitchen drawers, streaked mirrors, dark spots on the carpet and hairs in the tub … NO! We know you want a good, clean renter in your house … So give us a good, clean home to show them.
  2. AN EMPTY HOUSE – Please don’t leave personal belongings or furnishings for the renter to enjoy – for the most part they won’t want them. It just distracts them from what they are there to do … to look at the home, and besides, we won’t be responsible for any personal property you leave (it’s in the management agreement).
  3. AN ODOR FREE HOUSE – Nothing kills a prospective renter’s enthusiasm like walking into home that smells like wet dog, tobacco smoke, mildew or pet urine. The house must be odor free.
  4. Just no ...

    Just no …

    A NEUTRAL HOUSE – Don’t assume that a renter will appreciate your favorite bright colors. Lime green, hot pink, bright orange, midnight blue, plain old purple … these look best on a hippie poster from 1968, NOT on the walls of the home you expect us to rent for you. Renters prefer a “blank canvas” on which they can imagine their decor and lifestyle. Provide the renter with neutral off-white walls.
  5. PRIVATE HOUSE – Perhaps you don’t mind the neighbors seeing you in the kitchen at 7AM in your underwear but I’ve never met a renter who did! Your ways are not their ways. Please … install basic blinds and make sure that they work.
  6. A WORKING HOUSE – Renters stumbling through a dark and cold house wondering why there is no water at the sink and the toilet won’t flush will probably not even apply – would you? The heat and water need to be left on and everything should be in working order – certainly the kitchen appliances but also the gas fireplace, garage door opener, light fixtures and windows (they must open).

The way to succeed in property management is to give the customer what they want for a reasonable rent. Red Roof will determine the reasonable rent but YOU must help provide the things that the renters expect.

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We are a different kind of management company.

Our flat rate management fees start at an affordable $95/mo. and you pay nothing up front.

We screen applicants thoughtfully to select the best tenant for you, and we treat your property as we would treat our own.

Read more about our property management service for owners.

We charge a very reasonable $25 application fee.

We understand the needs of our renters. When you need us after hours we can usually be reached on our cell phones  and we try to take care of any needed repairs quickly.

Read more information for renters.

Download our rental application.

We service areas throughout Pierce County including:

Tacoma - University Place - Fircrest
Lakewood - Puyallup - Spanaway
Graham - Parkland - Roy

Office: 253-222-3387

Fax: 253-536-1699

Jeff Christensen, Owner

Bob Mager, Office Manager

Daniela Kendall, Finance Director

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 45168
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Physical Address:
14208 Pacific Ave., #4
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