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Red Roof Rentals is a small, locally-owned property management company serving Tacoma, Lakewood, University Place, Spanaway, Graham, Puyallup and all of Pierce County East of Puget Sound. We focus on managing single-family homes. Over 35 years of experience in real estate property management and sales allows us to serve our clients very well.

Our philosophy is to run a “low profile” and low overhead office which allows us to charge a Flat-Rate Management Fee of as little as $95! Screening tenants is one of the keys to successful management, and we excel at it. We have had just about every trick in the book pulled on us in the past, so we seldom get fooled anymore! No one bats 1,000, and if we make an error we step up to the plate and take responsibility for it.

We treat owners and renters the same way we would want to be treated… fairly, firmly and with respect.

For renters we clearly explain our expectations up front so that they know and understand what it is that we want from them.

For our owners we always try to maximize their rental income and control their expenses.

Did you know?...

We can handle ALL your real estate needs! Want to buy or sell a home? Need help with property management? WE CAN DO IT ALL!

Call us and find out how you can get the best service for the best price. Bob and I each have over 35 years experience in real estate right here in Pierce County. Why not let our experience go to work for you today. Got questions? CALL US ... we answer your real estate questions for free.

We work with property owners all throughout the Pierce County area including Tacoma, University Place, Lakewood, Spanaway, Graham, Puyallup, Fircrest, Parkland and Roy.

Make Red Roof Rentals your ONE STOP for all your real estate needs.

Let our experience go to work for you today!

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What should my home rent for?

Here at Red Roof Rentals, one of our guiding slogans is this:

“Get it rented to the RIGHT PERSON for the RIGHT PRICE … RIGHT AWAY!

Selecting the “right person” is a matter of careful screening (to be dealt with in a later blog post) but today I want to focus on just what “the right price” means. What would be fair rent for your home and how is it calculated?

One service a professional property manager can provide for the property owner is to give an estimate of a home’s fair market rental value. Private parties frequently set the wrong rental price on their property, both too high and too low! Both renters and homeowners appreciate a fairly priced rental- it’s a win-win situation that’s good for all!

TOO HIGH- Some owners want to cover their home mortgage payment with the rent and as a result overprice their property. The fact is that there is no connection between what your home payment is and what it should rent for. The rental value is determined by what interested renter’s are willing to pay to rent your home.

TOO LOW – Other owners will set their rents too low. They’ve been renting the house for $700 for the last 10 years and they don’t want to “rock the boat” and lose their renters. Imagine their surprise when we tell them they will make $300 more by hiring Red Roof as their manager, even after paying us our management fee!

JUST RIGHT – At Red Roof we determine an estimated “FAIR RENT” of your home using:

  1. General knowledge of local rentals based on our 30+ years experience
  2. Specific knowledge of what WE have been renting similar properties for
  3. Careful analysis of data available from Craigslist postings of similar homes

For example, we know from our research that many 1,000 square foot homes rent for about $1,095 and most 1,600 square foot homes rent for about $1,395. Adjustments can be made to these price points in consideration of quality level and neighborhood desirability.

Want to know what YOUR home will rent for? Call the professionals at Red Roof Rentals and let our 35 years of real estate experience go to work for you today!


I started selling real estate way back in 1976 when you could buy a perfectly livable home for about $20,000! Through the years, in addition to listing and selling homes for others, I also acquired and managed my own rental properties to provide for my retirement. I gained even more management experience during this time by managing rentals for my family members.

Everything went well until 2007 when I noticed the warning signs of a real estate market about to change, and change it did because by 2008 I was earning just ONE TENTH my usual income. A RECESSION had begun and appeared likely linger for many years, so I decided a change was necessary and departed Crescent Realty after 15 good years there.

In 2008 I started Red Roof Rentals in a small basement apartment pace at 14208 Pacific Avenue. I began with just my own rental properties but thanks to referrals from my good friends up at Crescent Realty I began to build my management business.

SERVICES – I decided to offer the kind of service that I would want for myself… returning calls promptly, doing what you say you are going to do, being on time, going the extra mile, accepting responsibility for errors, careful screening of applicants, proper and easily understood accounting practices, honesty and integrity, fairness and firmness … the basics of any good business!

COST – I felt that my clients shouldn’t pay any more than what I would want to pay myself and I liked the idea of the fee being a flat rate, not a percentage … so regardless of whether the rent is $900 or $9,000 per month, I decided the Red Roof BASIC management fee would be a flat $95/month … PERIOD!

REPAIRS –  also liked to get repairs and maintenance done quickly, correctly and inexpensively (as opposed to “cheaply”!)… and so I decided that Red Roof would strive to charge our property owners a fair hourly rate for repairs  and a fair oversight fee for office administration of repairs.  Personally, I hate feeling “nickel-and-dimed” with excessive repair expenses, and you probably do too, so I am not going to do that to you!

Well, apparently others have found my ideas attractive because we have grown at a consistent rate of 35% / year since we started.  As of December, 2013 we manage approx. 130 residential properties in Pierce County. We are constantly looking for better ways to serve our valued owners in the wise and efficient managing of their properties so if you have an idea you’d like to share with us please call the office and tell us your thoughts. We are your neighborhood property managers!


Let’s say that your house today is worth about $250,000 and you want to know when it will once again be worth the $355,000 you originally paid for it in 2008.

First, we will need to estimate about how much real estate is growing in value per year these days. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure… but looking back to those glory days just before the market peak in 2008 we find that values were going up about 8% per year…  so let’s agree to “be thankful for what we are about to receive” (Amen) and settle for just half of that. Let’s assume an annual appreciation rate of 4%.

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We are a different kind of management company.

No matter what a property rents for, you never pay more than $95/mo. under our "Classic" Management Plan and $130/mo. under the "Plus" Plan for ongoing management (per address), and only after we get the job done.

We screen applicants thoughtfully to select the best tenant for you, and we treat your property as we would treat our own.

Read more about our property management service for owners.

We charge a very reasonable $20 application fee.

We understand the needs of our renters. When you need us after hours we can usually be reached on our cell phones  and we try to take care of any needed repairs quickly.

Read more information for renters.

Download our rental application.

We service areas throughout Pierce County including:

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