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“We had 8 offers in our 1st day on the market!” “I got so many calls on my rental ad on Craigslist that I couldn’t make outgoing calls” “Why is the freeway between Seattle and Tacoma so jammed up now?” “The neighbors had multiple offers on their home… ALL from Seattle!” Sound familiar? Why does… Read more

Everyone knows that property values have bounced back a bit since “The Great Recession of 2008”, but what about rental rates on single family homes … what are they doing? Have they gone up? First, let me say that most rents NEVER WENT DOWN here in Pierce County! This is one of the few bright… Read more

Now that we have your attention … Actually we DO want to talk about your toilet in this blog posting, particularly what NOT to put into your toilet, whether you rent from Red Roof or not. Toilets normally behave just fine but if you put the wrong things into them, well… THERE’S GONNA BE TROUBLE… Read more