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TO FLUSH or NOT TO FLUSH – Potty Talk from Red Roof

Now that we have your attention …

Actually we DO want to talk about your toilet in this blog posting, particularly what NOT to put into your toilet, whether you rent from Red Roof or not.

Toilets normally behave just fine but if you put the wrong things into them, well… THERE’S GONNA BE TROUBLE ! This is such a problem that Red Roof rental contract actually addresses the problem in a bluntly humorous way:

“If it isn’t toilet paper or you haven’t eaten it first, don’t put it in the toilet.”

Why the potty talk, you ask?

Most homes built before 1960 have cast or galvanized iron drain lines, and the older the home the more rough and rusted the INSIDE of those sewer pipes becomes. This makes the pipes more and more likely to snag “things” that you put down your toilet, and THAT will lead to a costly call to the sewer rooter guy. In spite of what the ads say, you WILL be “freakin” when you get their bill… and it’s often preventable!

Unless you are a fan of plugged toilets, here are things that both Red Roof and the Pierce County Sewer Utility recommend you KEEP OUT of your toilet:

From the Pierce County Sewer department:

Baby wipes
Cleaning wipes
Moist towelettes
Disposable diapers
Cooking fat
Paper towels

From your friends at Red Roof Rentals:

Dental floss
Dead pets (small)
Sanitary products
Worn out socks & rags
Tooth picks
Old food (pizza pizza!)
Bacon grease

Seriously, we have seen ALL these things pulled out of blocked sewer drain lines! So take the advice of Red Roof AND Pierce County and BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FLUSH!