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Owners … Renters … Property Managers …
What do we expect of each other?

Some expectations are common to us all … be honest, be on time, return your
phone calls, keep your word … while other expectations are individualistic and very specific to the person or group.

Consider the following expectations common to rental property management:

  • TENANTS expect “peaceable enjoyment” of their rental home, everything in it to be working properly and what breaks down to be fixed quickly!
  • OWNERS expect tenants to take good care of their rental property and managers to make sure they do!
  • MANAGERS expect renters to cause no trouble and owners to let us do our job.

And how do we feel when our expectations aren’t met?
How about disappointed, frustrated and angry for starters!

At Red Roof Rentals, LLC we work hard to understand and meet the expectations of our OWNERS and TENANTS. We consistently try to spare our client’s of bad feelings by meeting their expectations as much as we can.