Category: Tips for Property Owners

The Check In Now it’s time to get your renters CHECKED-IN so that your MONEY MAKING RENTAL PROPERTY MACHINE can fire up and start making you some money! Here are the final steps: DO A WRITTEN CONDITION REPORT – A day or two before they want to move in go do a condition report to… Read more

The Rental Agreement “You’ll sleep better with a good rental agreement in the file.” A rental agreement is a CONTRACT and any attorney will tell you how very important a well written and correctly completed contract is to you, a rental property owner. 1. FIRST, GET ONE! – Like rental applications, you can get them… Read more

Does it really matter what you are, who you are and what you do in business? Why bother! Isn’t it just about pursuing the almighty dollar, no matter the cost? Being successful in business is more that doing and taking and making and avoiding. Consider the following, if you will: BE A GIVER – Focus… Read more