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They worked on restoring their credit during the 1+ year COVID… then they worked hard and got approved for a 2.75% home loan… went out house shopping with their Realtor… found their dream home… and gave Red Roof notice to vacate.

Are we upset by this? NO, of course not!

We understand it and we congratulate those that were able to step up to home ownership, a dream shared by all Americans. It’s a reason for celebration!!

But what we are observing now thru the responses we receive on our current FOR RENT ads is that the general “QUALITY” of the pool of potential renters has declined due to the removal of all those tenants with the improved credit and bill paying history that allowed them to escape from the rental pool.

Wise and careful TENANT SCREENING is now all the more important than ever before, and Red Roof Rentals EXCELS AT SCREENING! We have had applicants try to fool us in so many ways thru all the years… we just don’t get fooled much anymore! We don’t believe what is on an application… WE SEEK TO CONFIRM IT.

EXAMPLE – An applicant gives their current address and says their landlord is Bill Jones but a check of the county records says the taxpayer on that address is Vanessa Brown. The applicant gave a friend’s name and number as their landlord. Not fooled!

EXAMPLE – An applicant submits 4 pay-stubs showing acceptable NET monthly income. However, upon close examination we note that the numbers in the “YTD” column don’t change from paycheck to paycheck. The applicant used their computer to make convincing BUT FAKE paystubs. Not fooled!

Putting the right tenant into your rental unit will give you peace of mind… and that is what Red Roof Rentals is all about… YOUR PEACE OF MIND!


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