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Overcoming the Fear of Being Alone Question: “How will I know when I am ready for a new relationship… or ready to get married again?” Answer: “When the thought of remaining single for the rest of your days doesn’t bother you!” Many people seek relationships in an attempt to resolve their own hidden issues, but… Read more

Much of life revolves around figuring out how to live with others, getting questions answered, settling disagreements, making tough decisions … solving “people problems”, both our own and those of others. Problem solving is a valuable skill to have in today’s hectic and challenging world, and knowing how to help a friend with their issues… Read more

Rushing Into Things

Recently I joked with Michael, my website designer, asking if he had ever heard of the shortest book ever written, titled “The Benefits of Rushing Into Things”. I was surprised by his response: “Well why don’t you see if you can put a positive spin on that for your next blog post?” Yeah, right… make… Read more

I’ve tasted loneliness, and like a hungry jackal in the night, it has tasted me too. A certain amount of loneliness is normal. After all, if you are alone then it’s understandable to feel alone. You might be missing a person or a place (lonesome) or just feeling disconnected from life in general (lonely). Brief… Read more