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The Importance of the First Impression

The Importance of the First Impression

Everyone knows that, whether meeting a girl for the first time or looking at a potential home to rent, the FIRST IMPRESSION is going to greatly affect the likelihood of “anything happening” in the future.

Now if Red Roof Rentals, LLC was in the business of counseling singles and giving dating advice then I would share some curious stories from my years as a mid-life single guy.

But alas, “Red Roof’s the name- property management’s the game!” …
so I am going to focus on a few things you can do to make your rental home EXTERIOR make a better first impression.

  1. LANDSCAPING – Give it a shave and a haircut. Yard work is kinda fun and you can see the results of your labors quickly … so whip it into shape … whip it good!
  2. DRIVEWAYS AND WALKWAYS – Rent, borrow, buy (but don’t steal) a pressure washer and give all the concrete a thorough washing to bring back a fresh, “like new” look.
  3. ROOF -It tells a bad story if it has anything on it, like moss, kids toys, a Frisbee, last year’s Christmas lights or window screens that came off second floor windows. Clean the roof to show that you care!
  4. GUTTERS – Plants should be growing in your landscaping, not in the gutters. It takes no training to clean them, so do it. There’s no excuse.
  5. WINDOWS AND BLINDS – Are they the Dirty Dozen? Wash the windows, dust the blinds … and replace any blinds that are broken because HEY!- you can see them from the street!
  6. COLOR – Does the present exterior color of your home make it look good? If not, look at other homes in the area and decide which exterior color schemes are the most attractive to you … then copy them to make your home look great!
  7. FRONT DOOR & KNOB – Think about it… they are the first things anyone touches on your home so make them clean, working right and feeling solid!
  8. STYLE – Remove exterior design elements that just DON’T WORK ANYMORE (frilly trim work, outdated light fixtures) and consider adding things that DO (painted shutters, new windows).

Well, there you go! Whether you live there yourself or rent it out, these few simple pointers will improve the curb appeal of your home for the enjoyment of all.


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