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Everyone knows that, whether meeting a girl for the first time or looking at a potential home to rent, the FIRST IMPRESSION is going to greatly affect the likelihood of “anything happening” in the future. Now if Red Roof Rentals, LLC was in the business of counseling singles and giving dating advice then I would… Read more

To all those of you who think that a monkey can be trained to manage real estate, think again! No joke, folks … 7, count them … 7 universities actually consider residential property management as such a multi-faceted and complicated activity that that they offer a 4 year BACHELOR OF SCIENCE degree in it: University… Read more

Owners … Renters … Property Managers … What do we expect of each other? Some expectations are common to us all … be honest, be on time, return your phone calls, keep your word … while other expectations are individualistic and very specific to the person or group. Consider the following expectations common to rental… Read more