Category: Tips for Property Owners

Should you let someone who doesn’t own a rental property manage for you? It’s unfortunate but it happens all the time … rental property owners suffer at the hands of inexperienced property managers. It can be COSTLY and totally FRUSTRATING when you have trusted management of your rental to a “professional” who turns out to… Read more

Whenever we have a non-paying renter that we may have to evict, unhappy owners always have questions: “Why won’t they pay?”“Have you tried getting tough with them?”“Why did you approve these people in the first place?”“You didn’t see this coming?” The loss of a paying tenant is a big disappointment, especially to us at Red… Read more

Here at Red Roof Rentals, one of our guiding slogans is this: “Get it rented to the RIGHT PERSON for the RIGHT PRICE … RIGHT AWAY!“ Selecting the “right person” is a matter of careful screening (to be dealt with in a later blog post) but today I want to focus on just what “the… Read more