Category: Rental Market

They worked on restoring their credit during the 1+ year COVID… then they worked hard and got approved for a 2.75% home loan… went out house shopping with their Realtor… found their dream home… and gave Red Roof notice to vacate. Are we upset by this? NO, of course not! We understand it and we… Read more

Can't Pay Rent

It’s appearing in the news now … unemployed renters who propose to PAY NO RENT until the COVID-19 epidemic has past. “Why should a wealthy landlord take advantage of and profit by my suffering?” is the common unspoken thread being used to weave this fabric of discontent! “I’m not making any money so my landlord… Read more

Learning from the Past

Tacoma in the 1920's

“What goes around comes around” “The past has a way of repeating itself” “Hold onto your clothes long enough and they will come back in style” Haven’t all of us said or thought these things before? They are all are ways of expressing a vague realization that what has happened once seems to happen again,… Read more