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The Red Roof office may be closed to the public but WE REMAIN OPEN TO SERVE YOU! Thanks to management systems already in place, we are able to fully serve our owners and tenants from our temporary home office. Until the state ordered moratorium is lifted and our office is re-opened, here is how to… Read more

What’s here to stay and what’s going away We’ve all seen them … lists of what’s “going away for good”, what’s soon to become obsolete, such as : Landline phones, camcorders, incandescent light bulbs, postage stamps, pennies, paperback books, remote controls, checks, music CD’s … Wasn’t so very long ago that these were all the… Read more

I was going out some old office files yesterday separating the “keep” from the “throw away” stuff … and I came across something I wrote up back in 2009, just after the “Great Recession” began in 2008. I have always been a somewhat self directed person and what I wrote in 2009 was apparently my… Read more