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Rental Detective

Screening Applications “Don’t believe what they say on their application … verify it!” – Jeff Christensen, 2010 Everyone claims they are the best choice, promising to pay on time and take good care of the home … but many of those claims prove to be false. So how do you effectively screen a rental application?… Read more

Advertising for Rent “On the highway of life, if you’ve got something important to say, blow your horn! No one else is going to blow it for you.” -Jeff Christensen, 2001 Now that you’ve completed the Property Management 101 course “PREPPING YOUR HOME FOR RENT’ you are ready to try your hand at ADVERTISING. If… Read more

Landlord’s Name: “I live with my deceased mother” Criminal History: “Not applicable” Criminal History: “I had a situation” Address: “My license plate” Pets: “5 pit bulls, all service animals” Pets: “1 emotional support monkey & his emotional support bird” Pets: “1 tarantula emotional support service animal, with Internet certificate” Landlord: “We don’t know who we… Read more