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CORRECTION with CARE (aka confrontation with consideration)

Occasionally someone we deal with in the property management business needs correction. Whether it be a renter, owner or service provider, I always try to be mindful to be “careful” in my correction of others. Unfortunately, though, the ability to do this doesn’t always come naturally to me. Some situations have me so stirred up that I can only think of taking “CARE” of things my way! Here are some thoughts I have found helpful when I feel the need to correct other people:

  • FACTS: Do I know the whole story? (Maybe I have missed something that might help me better understand what is really going on with this person).
  • FAIRNESS: Am I being a bully? (Showing the same attitude to the person needing fixing that I would want shown to myself if I were them is the right way).
  • FEELINGS: Are my emotions in control of me? (Perhaps I should hold off on “correcting” someone until the blood leaves my clenched fists and returns to my head).
  • FUTURE: What do I want to look back upon a year from now? (Thinking of the future I may want to have with this person will help me know what to do with them in today’s situation).
  • FOOLISHNESS: Am I taking things too personally? (What seems like a personal offense now will most certainly later prove not to be… I need to remember that “It’s not always about me!”)

Keeping these things in mind helps us at Red Roof Rentals do better in dealing with the problems that are bound to arise in our relationships with people. We hope that sharing these simple thoughts with you will improve your “CARE” of others!