Have you heard about our new “YOU CAN’T LOSE” program?

You Cant Lose Program

This new program should be of interest to all our property owners.  We at Red Roof Rentals are committed to being RESPONSIBLE and SAVING YOU MONEY, and we are willing to share the burden with you a bit when tenant problems arise.

Here is how the program works for you, the property owner.  Let’s say that a tenant moves out and leaves the property in worse condition than when they moved in. The costs to restore the property EXCEED the Security Deposit, which is typically the same as the monthly rental amount. Who pays then?  Who looks out for you, the owner?

The answer is WE DO! Red Roof Rentals wants you to know that we will pay up to $250 of any repair/cleaning/utility costs that EXCEED the tenant’s Security Deposit. That’s about 10 hours of repair labor or cleaning… or a big delinquent electric bill! We call it our “YOU CAN’T LOSE!” program and we are pleased to offer it to all of our property owners.

You can’t lose when you hire Red Roof Rentals to manage your rental home… YOU WIN!