Washington State Mandated Deadlines for Rental Repairs

Fixing a burst pipe

Here is a problem that we encounter from time to time:

An owner is called about a needed repair issue (cost est. to exceed $300).

The owner says “Let me think about it.”

State law requires the repair to be commenced within 1, 3 or 10 days

1 day – no water, no power, no heat – major plumbing, electrical or structural issues
3 days – appliances – minor electrical, plumbing or structural issues
10 days – all other repair issues

The owner doesn’t call back within the time deadline.

QUESTION – What does Red Roof Rentals do?

ANSWER – We take timely action to comply with the law.

If we don’t hear back from the owner, in a timely fashion, then we must take action and issue a work order within the time deadline required by Washington State Law.
(RCW59.18.070 – the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act)

If we fail to act in this manner then we expose BOTH the owner and Red Roof to the remedy allowed by the law… for the tenant to get something fixed themselves, without regard to cost, and deduct it from the next rent payment.

Is that what owners want to happen?
We doubt it.

This is just one example of the many professional and thoughtful services provided by Red Roof Rentals that most people are unaware of.