Rushing Into Things

Recently I joked with Michael, my website designer, asking if he had ever heard of the shortest book ever written, titled “The Benefits of Rushing Into Things”. I was surprised by his response:

“Well why don’t you see if you can put a positive spin on that for your next blog post?”

Yeah, right… make a list of things you should rush right into, without undue delay, no putting it off! Things like marriage, buying Florida swamp land & vacation time shares,  pay-day loans, cosmetic surgery in Bangladesh. I assumed that Michael had just visited the new recreational cannabis store by his office and put it out of my mind. But the idea took root in me and so one day, over a 12 ounce Americano down at Corina’s Bakery, I took out my yellow pad and my advanced ink ballpoint and I gave it a go…  and imagine my surprise as I watched page one fill up!

Take a look for yourself, my list of things that maybe, just maybe, you should get to fast, definitely sooner than later.  Here it is, exactly as written … THINGS TO THINK ABOUT RUSHING INTO, or at least not delaying or putting off:

  • saving a life
  • quitting smoking
  • drug treatment
  • saying “I love you”
  • a diet
  • calling an old friend
  • preparing your will & medical directives
  • getting checked for skin cancer
  • flossing
  • walking in a park
  • unplugging your TVmaking a donation
  • volunteering
  • fastening your seatbelt
  • calling the dentist when your tooth first begins to hurt
  • smiling
  • giving a deserved compliment
  • hugging a kid
  • kind acts
  • leaving the water when the shark warning is sounded

Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve all heard it before … life is short … don’t wait too long … snooze you lose … time flies. We kinda believe that stuff but we mostly ignore it, and that’s too bad because mostly IT’S TRUE, that life IS VERY short and time DOES fly by and if you take a nap instead of taking action then you WILL lose.

What have you been rushing into lately?