Ah! I remember the good old days when having a relationship meant spending time with friends. Movies, meals, reading, games, church… all done together. If you wanted to get to know someone you would talk them in person… over coffee, after work, on the phone, at the gym. People used to actually send each other cards through the mail, but all this has apparently changed with the advent of ALL THINGS ELECTRONIC.

Today’s iPhone worshipping populace has been mesmerized by social media and internet chatting into feeling that a “never met you” Facebook “like” counts as one of your “friends.” iPhones, smart phones, tablets and “personal devices” have made our lives better by replacing our old ways… or so we are told.

But have they really?

Let’s see how technology has helped us:

  1. Meals – Go to Applebee’s and notice how many people, though sitting together, are doing something on their iPhone instead of talking or even looking at each other.
  2. Movies – We’ve all seen this … people busy on their phone DURING a movie. Doesn’t matter how good the movie- gotta be on that phone!
  3. Reading – Apparently this activity is now defined as “viewing” something on a small flat screen you hold in your hand.
  4. Games – Eh, why bother when you can play a game APP on your phone against a computer program instead of with an irritating human being!
  5. Church – (see #2 above) People mess with their phones in church instead of listening for any words of wisdom that the priest or pastor might have for them.
  6. Visiting friends – Who has time for this anymore! Texting and Facebook have taken the place of this ancient pastime.

Unfortunately, our fascination with our internet connected gizmos has led to a disconnect with others present in our daily lives… like across the table from us at Applebee’s.

And are we satisfied with these new paradigms of “relationship”? I’m not… are you?

Where is the personal connection in the new way of relating? The sense of belonging and security that the physical presence of a friend provides? The satisfaction of seeing a smile or hearing a light laugh instead of viewing “LOL” on your cell phone?

Let’s bring back the old ways of relating and merge them with new technology so that we can all enjoy each other a little more each day.