What makes for an excellent property management company? AND HOW CAN RED ROOF RENTALS BE ONE?

PASSION & EXPERTISE – We know what we are talking about, we actually like what we do and we do it on a daily basis. We have paid attention all thru our 40 years in real estate and have learned a lot.

EFFORT AND EDUCATION – We work hard. It’s just not possible to be a great property manager without putting in the time and the effort, and not just on Monday thru Friday either. We stay on top of our business through continuing education seminars and our monthly NARPM (National Association of Property Managers) meetings.

AUTHENTICITY AND CONFIDENCE – We are real people, not perfect, and are confident enough to admit it when we don’t get something quite right.

CARE AND CONNECTION – We have a job to do. Sometimes things can get challenging when the unexpected happens and our client’s emotions spill out, but underneath it all we DO care about what we do and who we try to help. It may sound odd, but in a way we strive to increase “meaning” in life, even in the way we “do” property management.

HUMOR – We pride ourselves on being “FAIR AND FIRM”, but our long term clients know that we can be funny too. We have not let the problems of property management rob us of our sense of humor!

Excellence in property management comes not just by chance but more by the careful weaving together of the attributes mentioned here.

In this way Red Roof Rentals has created a corporate fabric that clothes all of us well, but especially YOU, our valued customer.