002Renters are a lower class of people that don’t care much about their homes, right?


Renters are like owners … just like you and me. In fact, many renters used to be owners who lost their homes in “The Great Recession of 2008” that we just went through.

So what do they want? Or, better said, WHAT DO RENTERS EXPECT?

  1. A CLEAN HOUSE – Sticky counters, bread crumbs in kitchen drawers, streaked mirrors, dark spots on the carpet and hairs in the tub … NO! We know you want a good, clean renter in your house … So give us a good, clean home to show them.
  2. AN EMPTY HOUSE – Please don’t leave personal belongings or furnishings for the renter to enjoy – for the most part they won’t want them. It just distracts them from what they are there to do … to look at the home, and besides, we won’t be responsible for any personal property you leave (it’s in the management agreement).
  3. AN ODOR FREE HOUSE – Nothing kills a prospective renter’s enthusiasm like walking into home that smells like wet dog, tobacco smoke, mildew or pet urine. The house must be odor free.
  4. Just no ...

    Just no …

    A NEUTRAL HOUSE – Don’t assume that a renter will appreciate your favorite bright colors. Lime green, hot pink, bright orange, midnight blue, plain old purple … these look best on a hippie poster from 1968, NOT on the walls of the home you expect us to rent for you. Renters prefer a “blank canvas” on which they can imagine their decor and lifestyle. Provide the renter with neutral off-white walls.
  5. PRIVATE HOUSE – Perhaps you don’t mind the neighbors seeing you in the kitchen at 7AM in your underwear but I’ve never met a renter who did! Your ways are not their ways. Please … install basic blinds and make sure that they work.
  6. A WORKING HOUSE – Renters stumbling through a dark and cold house wondering why there is no water at the sink and the toilet won’t flush will probably not even apply – would you? The heat and water need to be left on and everything should be in working order – certainly the kitchen appliances but also the gas fireplace, garage door opener, light fixtures and windows (they must open).

The way to succeed in property management is to give the customer what they want for a reasonable rent. Red Roof will determine the reasonable rent but YOU must help provide the things that the renters expect.