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1 – CALL THE PROPERTY MANAGER – If you have a problem, always call the manager and tell him about it before he finds out and calls you. Going to be late with the rent? The check you wrote for the rent is going to bounce? Want to add someone as a roommate? See a leaking faucet, gutter needing cleaning or a missing downspout? Call the manager! Come to us before we need to come to you.

2 – DON’T AVOID THE MANAGER – If she knocks on your door, talk to her.  She probably knows you are in there anyway… you won’t make any points by hiding from her.  Many renters think that when someone comes to give them a 3 day pay or vacate, refusing to answer the knock on the door will somehow help the situation.  It will not!  Open the door, accept the notice and offer an apology and a plan to get the rent paid.

3 – ASK BEFORE YOU DO – Want to get the kids a cat?  Repaint the bathroom?  Buy a trampoline?  Ask first! You may not always get permission to do what you want, but the manager will respect you because you called and just MAY consider your request.  However,  just do what you want and get caught and the answer will always be NO!

4 – HAVE A HELPFUL ATTITUDE – Managing is a difficult and time consuming task.  If some sort of challenging situation comes up concerning your tenancy, ask the manager if there is anything you can do to help.  Also let the manager know that your goals match his… paying on timecausing no trouble and giving the property back in its original condition.

5 – TELL THE TRUTH – Property managers are very good at detecting false, insincere and misleading statements from people either wanting to get into an available rental or renters wanting to stay in their rental.  That means that you are probably not going to get away with telling the manager a lie, so don’t lie –  It offends us! Got a felony?  Been evicted? On unemployment?  Say so! If there is one thing managers really love it’s people that tell the truth.