Overcoming the Fear of Being Alone Question: “How will I know when I am ready for a new relationship… or ready to get married again?” Answer: “When the thought of remaining single for the rest of your days doesn’t bother you!” Many people seek relationships in an attempt to resolve their own hidden issues, but… Read more


What is it? -It’s the money a tenant pays to the landlord that is held for them until they move out as a sort of “financial guarantee.” It’s as though the tenant is saying “I am going to care for your rental home and give it back in good condition … and if I DON”T… Read more

The Rental Agreement “You’ll sleep better with a good rental agreement in the file.” A rental agreement is a CONTRACT and any attorney will tell you how very important a well written and correctly completed contract is to you, a rental property owner. 1. FIRST, GET ONE! – Like rental applications, you can get them… Read more

Much of life revolves around figuring out how to live with others, getting questions answered, settling disagreements, making tough decisions … solving “people problems”, both our own and those of others. Problem solving is a valuable skill to have in today’s hectic and challenging world, and knowing how to help a friend with their issues… Read more