Can't Pay Rent

It’s appearing in the news now … unemployed renters who propose to PAY NO RENT until the COVID-19 epidemic has past. “Why should a wealthy landlord take advantage of and profit by my suffering?” is the common unspoken thread being used to weave this fabric of discontent! “I’m not making any money so my landlord… Read more

The Red Roof office may be closed to the public but WE REMAIN OPEN TO SERVE YOU! Thanks to management systems already in place, we are able to fully serve our owners and tenants from our temporary home office. Until the state ordered moratorium is lifted and our office is re-opened, here is how to… Read more

Learning from the Past

Tacoma in the 1920's

“What goes around comes around” “The past has a way of repeating itself” “Hold onto your clothes long enough and they will come back in style” Haven’t all of us said or thought these things before? They are all are ways of expressing a vague realization that what has happened once seems to happen again,… Read more

Short answer… YES! With the widespread availability and reasonable cost of the new “minisplit” heat pump units, also called ductless systems, you can now consider converting your old gas, oil or electric forced air furnaces to a NEW WAY OF HEATING… AND COOLING! A heat pump is able to extract latent heat from the outside… Read more