Does it really matter what you are, who you are and what you do in business? Why bother! Isn’t it just about pursuing the almighty dollar, no matter the cost?

Being successful in business is more that doing and taking and making and avoiding. Consider the following, if you will:

  1. BE A GIVER – Focus on giving, not gaining … and the most important thing to GIVE is your time, your attention and your interest in others. It’s called having a meaningful relationship.
  2. BE A FEEDER – Feeding your clients with good and useful information will help them make better decisions … and succeed. They will thank YOU for that.
  3. BE A LEADER – Be out in front! Don’t wait for a call or visit … be a caller and be a visitor.
  4. BE A LOVER – Genuine care and honest concern in the business world is rare … and much appreciated.
  5. BE A LISTENER – Stifle your urge to talk so much. Many solutions can be found in the words others speak … if you will only listen and hear them.
  6. BE AN EXAMPLE – Let your light shine as an example to all of the right and righteous way to conduct business and solve problems.
  7. BE A PROTECTOR – Seek to avoid harm and limit liability FOR YOUR CLIENTS. It feels good to know that someone is looking out for you, doesn’t clients! it? Well then, do that for your clients.

Make it a point to “BE” these seven things and I guarantee that you will have the abundant business life that you seek … and you will makes lots of friends along the way too!