Did you know that we don’t wait for the renters’ checks to clear the bank before sending you your net proceeds? Most of you owners have a mortgage payment to make on your rental property and we want to get your net proceeds out to you ASAP so you won’t be late! That’s why we don’t wait for rent checks to clear before paying you. When it comes to getting paid, YOU COME FIRST.

“But what if a renter gives Red Roof a bad check and you have already sent me my money for the month… what then? Do I have to give it back?”

The answer is NO! We cover any bad checks with our own money, then go after the bad check writer. This actually happened twice in 2013, but the property owners never knew about it because they already had their money by the time the renter’s check was returned by the bank. So what did we do? We fairly but firmly pursued the bad check writers and offered them a choice… be prosecuted for writing a bad check OR sign a little contract with us and make monthly payments. We are pleased to say that we were successful in getting our money back from these two former renters. Getting your money even if the renter writes a bad check is our standard practice and simply part of what you get when you pay $95 for property management at Red Roof Rentals. What other management company will do that for you? So, property owners, remember this… with Red Roof Rentals, YOU WIN!