Getting your property rented is not so much about advertising as it is about effective marketing. Here at Red Roof Rentals we pride ourselves in marketing that attracts attention and gives people what they want… information and speedy service!

QUALITY PHOTOS – Marketing that really gets the job done starts with 8 to 12 good quality photos showing all the best features of your home: the street view, kitchen, living room, bath room, master bedroom, family room and the back yard.

WELL WRITTEN CONTENT – Any good ad stimulates the interest of anyone reading the ad and conveys the basic information on the home and the rental terms (rent amount, deposit, term, etc.).

SIGNS & FLYERS – We use the services of our old friend “Red” at B & R Pole Signs to get signs up in front of the property within 1-2 days. Every sign has a box attached into which we place color flyers containing all the necessary info on the home and an application to rent so that if someone driving by stops and is interested they have all they need to apply for that property immediately.

CRAIGSLIST – What a godsend Craigslist is for us all!  Everyone looking for rentals, whether civilian or military,  goes to this site because it is free and has so many listings posted.  We always post the maximum 8 photos on the site and “refresh” our ads every 2-3 days.

WEBSITE LISTING – We immediately list all of our rentals on our website in our Available Rentals section with photos, lots of information and a Google map. This way the potential rental can browse through all of our rentals in one place and may see something else that interests them. We have our contact info and rental application available right on the site to get the ball rolling.

SWITCHING – When someone calls us about one certain rental property we always tell them about other properties that seem to suit their needs.  We share info on current listings and those “coming soon.”

READERBOARD – Red Roof has the largest readerboard on busy Pacific Avenue on which we post some of our listings.  Over 40,000 cars a day drive by our sign and we DO get noticed!

PHONE AVAILABILITY – Although not truly advertising, none of the above has any value unless we are available to answer questions and make appointments to show properties as much as possible.  To that end we try to answer the office cell phone every day from 9 AM to 9 PM.

We know that when you are out there looking for your next rental home you want to get accurate information on the property and a quick response when you call us.  We don’t just claim to provide good service to you … WE DO IT!