Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Effective JANUARY 1, 2013 all residential rentals will be required to have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector on each floor of the home.

We have already mailed out letters to our owners to give notice of this coming requirement. Red Roof Rentals will take care of this matter for owners that cannot or will not install the detectors themselves. We were able to get a price of about $15 for each detector by buying a lot of 100 and so can pass the savings on to the owner. We want to make sure all of our clients are aware of this new requirement. Even in cases where the owner’s have gone out and installed the required CO, Red Roof staff will still need to go VERIFY that the unit is in place and operating, AND have the tenant sign the CO DETECTOR AGREEMENT for our files.

We have been asked WHY a CO Detector would be required in all-electric homes that have no combustion devices that might generate any Carbon Monoxide… gas furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, stoves, etc. Apparently the reason is that in the past, during a power outage, some residents have brought a kerosene/propane space heater OR A BBQ GRILL into the home to provide heat, and the gases from those devices (on of which is carbon Monoxide) then POISONS the occupants.

I recommend a CO Detection device that is either ALL BATTERY OPERATED or at least has BATTERY BACK-UP… one that runs on AC current only is not a good idea in my opinion as most CO related poisonings and deaths occur during power outages!
I also don’t care for the “PLUG-IN” units because they can be bumped/broken by pets, passing people and/or removed and played with by children.

If you have any questions about CO Detectors, Smoke Detectors or any other property management issues give Red Roof a call.

Jeff Christensen