They are a 50-something couple… him a retired Army Captain, her an account executive at Merrill – Lynch… no kids at home, 790 credit score, lots of income … “GOLD PLATED PEOPLE” that have applied to rent your home. No problem, right? Oh, I almost forgot … they have 2 dogs, a Corgi and a… Read more

Let’s just get right to it, shall we? 1. PAY ATTENTION – If you TALK LESS and LISTEN MORE to a potential mate, over time they will reveal all you need to know about them. Everyone likes to talk… so LISTEN. 2. FRIENDS FIRST – It’s best to start out by building a friendship. Let’s… Read more

What’s here to stay and what’s going away We’ve all seen them … lists of what’s “going away for good”, what’s soon to become obsolete, such as : Landline phones, camcorders, incandescent light bulbs, postage stamps, pennies, paperback books, remote controls, checks, music CD’s … Wasn’t so very long ago that these were all the… Read more