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I have lived a few years, been thru a few divorces and had a lot of counseling (some say “Not enough!”). Through it all, I have learned a few things about THE BUSINESS OF FORGIVENESS which I will now share witlh you in modified “bullet point” format. WHAT FORGIVENESS MEANS – No matter what the… Read more

I have found that your business life comes in 3 stages, and NO, it’s not the good, the bad and the ugly! They are the LEARNING YEARS, the EARNING YEARS and the YEARNING YEARS. Years ago, when colleges asked incoming freshmen science majors to bring a slide rule, I was given some advice that has… Read more

  Ah … the good life! We all seek it and advertising tells us we deserve it … but WHAT is it and HOW can you get it? … and once you have “the good life”, what should you do with it? Let me share some answers from my own personal experience for you to… Read more


Back when I was 12 our church youth choir was invited to give a night-time Halloween performance at … wait for it … The Evergreen-Washelly Cemetary in Seattle. On the appointed day we crammed onto the tired old First Presbyterian summer camp bus for a boisterous ride to our performance venue. The fact that we… Read more